Most players place random bets on Betinance platform, yet their winnigs tend to be admirable. Remember, if you want to have stable income, the only thing you need is a plan! We have prepared top 10 best strategies for you that will help you to build a profitable system game experience.

1. Forget "All In" strategy, you are not in a casino!
Even though you might think that Betinance is a casino, it is not. Betinance does not want to see you lose therefore we are here to help you with technical analysis and some basic money management. Do not go all in just in one round and play only with funds that you can afford to lose. Do not play when you feel emotional affected or otherwise out of yourself.
2.Think long term
Remember, nobody can be 100% profitable. Even if you experience a longer period of good wins or loses, do not get too emotional and realize that everything is about to stop. Results are affected by many things that you are not able to control. Long time playing is your advantage and will eventually pay out.
3. Analyze all available data on a platform
Check out Betinance that is updating itself in a real time.
There is new data every second that causes different reactions of the platform"s players. Betinance does everything to get you as comfortable as possible and to facilitate your decisions.
You can observe number of playing players, their success rate, number of bets and its amount. You can also find out information about individuals!
4. Bluff
Not all your bets will be correct nor bad. Either way, they create buzz that influences other bettors. More you bet, bigger affect it has. How does it feel if you see a big bet on one side? You can win multiple ratio of your bet even if you bet small. If you know what you do, let your competitors bet big on the other trend (up / down) and get all of their bitcoins!
5. Risk diversification
Has the market trend changed during the game? Or do the competitors bet differently? It does not mind you can diverzify your bets and bet even against yourself. You can bet against yourself as an assurance of your bets but you should use this strategy only as an additional feature not as your main strategy.
6. Work with bonus
Are you ready for higher game?! There is 1% from all bets cumulated in bonus pool which is splited among the 7 most active users. The more you play the higher probability you have to get your part from bonus pool. It means with high volume its enough to stay on zero although you can still get in profit!
7. Look for market trends
Bear in mind that everything is driven by BTC/USDT ratio that is the decisive value at the end of the day. Therefore it is worthwile watching the price chart placed on our website that will serve as the official measurement. Look for moves and market trends. Your analysis predictions can become truly worthwile with the time.
8. Try Martingale
This handy tool can be very profitable for you if well applicated. Start with a minimal bet placed on one trend (up/down). If you lose, you bet the next round as big to cover all your loses from the previous round and still be profitable. If you lose again you bet bigger and bigger until you win and cover all loses plus make profit. After you win a round you start from the start with a minimal bet again. Interesting, isn"t it?
9. Mix the strategy
Some points depicted above should be used no matter what. Make sure to try out all the tips we have given you and you will see by yourself which ones you like and which not. You will most probably end up mixing it up what will make you unreadable for the competitors. It will also become the secret key to extra income!
10. Explore by yourself
The points depicted above should serve only as basic guides for you. Don"t hesitate to try them out but be aware that you should explore new strategies by yourself. You can learn to read technical analysis, train your intuition or inner voice. This all will help you to succeed at our platform! Good luck!